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Running Moms and Dads, Wednesday

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Good morning, Kyky! Oh. You're not up yet.<img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
Ok, I'm off to do my run.
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GM everyone. Did an easy 2 on the dreadmil. Couldn't run yesterday because work was way too busy. 13 hours straight fixing equipment. Blah!<br><br>
Suds - Good run and workout. I am off the weights getting ready to do just pushups and situps to prepare for my upcoming PT test for Officer boards.<br><br>
Alemma - Hi! Snow and freezing rain here.<br><br>
Andi - Have a good 7.<br><br>
Heather - nice 4 and abs.<br><br>
Abb - have a good run and swim.<br><br>
If I missed anyone, HAVE A GOOD DAY, RUNNERS!<img alt="icon_salut.gif" src="">
1 - 1 of 450 Posts
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