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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>A nice easy run and workout for me this morning, back into the swing of things.</p>
<p>Hey, is it ever going to warm up? Still in the 20's this morning.</p>
<p>Have a great day!</p>
<p>Harpoon lottery starts today!</p>
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<p>gm peeps...thinks are crazy here..</p>
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<p>sick kiddo...orals on thurs....and the normal chaos..</p>
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<p>today is the first day of my offical HM training...for a June race....hard to beleive June is less then 12 weeks away, with this coooold temps...</p>
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<p>hope every one is well!</p>
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<p>ANDI, SUDS, and LEE great job this weekend--all great races and times!!!</p>
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<p>SISU--did you get into B2B?</p>
<p>SUDS==glad the TM is finally back together and working :)</p>
<p>ANDI--awesome running 8 this AM!!!</p>
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<p>RON--wish it were at least 70* here, but would love 90*s :)</p>
<p>SISU--bummer you didnt get in..wanted to meet ya there--oh at the one in NY :)....Bostons not that far away now, how are the legs?</p>
<p>SISU--LOL--I know, I am so done with snow!!!! Maybe it wont be so bad???---last year when I ran B2B, lots of people commented on the perfect weather--kinda forgot it had been super hot in past years...yuck....and its funny when I put my name in the lottery I had no doubt that I would get</p>
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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