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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>Had a nice run and workout this morning, now I just have to carry that ggod feeling through the rest of the day.</p>
<p>SB, good luck and have fun at the Warrior Dash! That is the one that Ky and Lee did last year. Looks like a blast!</p>
<p>Nicole, I don't think my wife would go to sleep without finding the snake, regardless of size. Tank took a while to get in the zone during our run. He started off at a 10:00 pace and the finished the last mile at a 8:00 pace. This  weekend I'll try him at 8 miles.</p>
<p>Sisu, nice job getting it done!  Even though I have my treadmill going, these past few mornings I've been outside. It's only in the mid twenties with no wind so it's been pretty comfortable out there.</p>
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<p>Evening my running friends.  I was out of the office all day today visiting some of our properties in San Diego.  It was nice down there and Jennifer came along with me.  It made the drive much better.  We just got back from the gym and I lifted and had a horrible 40 minute run.  My legs were really tight.  I guess from sitting in the car all day and not drinking any water.  Oh well.</p>
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