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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday!

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Sorry Suds, it's Tuesday. I hope it goes by quick for both of us.<br><br><br>
I am supposed to run 6 miles today. The weather is shitty so I am not looking forward to it. My belly cramps b/c of AF are no helping much either. Sorry, I know, TMI.
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suds - Have a good day at work.<br>
ty- Hope you have a good run and the yucky belly ache goes away!<br>
fit- Woooo hooooo 40 mins running that's awesome.<br><br><br>
I'm sick blah! coughing all night took nyquil night medicine it knocked me<br>
out. Woke up with 30 mins to get to work so once again I look like I rolled<br>
out of bed oh well.<br><br>
Have a Good day!
Hi fer- Oh I'm always trying to go back to bed if I get up early LOL!<br>
Have a good day.
Happy b-day to Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br><br>
I have a question- Should my last 20 miler be 2 weeks out from the<br>
marathon which is May 4th or should I do it this weekend and<br>
taper down???
Happy b-day to your wife JOhnny!<br><br>
Hi gaela- when do you start coaching track? I'm going thursday nights<br>
to met w/ my running club and start some speed workouts at the track<br>
yikess I don't like sped.<br><br>
Hi mykemp, jeans!
Gaela- I think I jsut have what dd7 had a cough, runny nose blah! oh and<br>
add a dash of pms and I'm good LOL! I'm looking forward to trying some<br>
speedwork and see if it helps at all. So do you know when my last 20 miler<br>
should be? Is 3 weeks out sound about right?
Gaela- good job kicking Michaels ass <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
Ky- GM! How are you today? well then that means my 20 miler<br>
will be this weekend then and I will work my way down<br>
yeah!!!!!! What are your plans for Spencers b-day?
Heather- come out come out wherever you are!!!!!!!
Oooops your right. I told ya I'm sick I can't think straight LOL!<br>
ok so this weekend I will do hhhhmmm 15 ,16??<br>
What are you running this weekend?
That's ok blow me off for some friend in Scotland that's fine <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br>
Hi fer- Glad you got to rest a little more. Do any of us really get enough<br>
sleep nope never! I would have loved to stay in bed all day today it's raining<br>
and grey so that makes a good lazy day.
Andi _ congrat's to ds!!!!! When do you want to go to RI?<br>
I'm doing 15 this SAt and next weekend 20.<br><br>
HI kitty!
Thanks kitty. Yes dd went to school she said she loves school and staying<br>
home was boring. She needed it though she was sleeping all day on and<br>
off. She still has a cough but no fever . They love having my parents<br>
here we had alot of laughs last night. They are both daddy's girls<br>
and miss daddy a lot my dd11 was on the phone with him last night<br>
she said " daddy it feels like you have been gone so long already and<br>
you still have so many days left and I miss you " <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Andi - I can't do it sat I have 15 then I have a b-day. Let me<br>
know about Sunday that might be possible to maybe do a recovery<br>
run on some of the course.
Gaela- Congrat's to ds I just read the thread from last night too.<br>
Mr. Smart man woooo woooo!!!!!
Yeah my dad said he better take a nap now LOL!
Sat. LOL! he doesn't even know I left a message for hom to call me.
Thanks for all the well wishes guys.<br><br>
It's been crazy but dinner is done and baths are done and I'm ready<br>
for bed. I'm soooooo sick fever,sore throat, cough etc of all nights<br><img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
I will drop them off at headstart and go to work. THey are 3 and 5.<br>
cute as a button <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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