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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday!

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Sorry Suds, it's Tuesday. I hope it goes by quick for both of us.<br><br><br>
I am supposed to run 6 miles today. The weather is shitty so I am not looking forward to it. My belly cramps b/c of AF are no helping much either. Sorry, I know, TMI.
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Morning all. It's DW's birthday today. I picked up some Spring clothes for her at Ann Taylor Loft and I'll pick up dinner tonight so she won't have to cook. I will try to get a run in at work today.<br><br>
Nice consistent workout Suds. You will kill in NJ, no doubt.<br><br>
Hey Ty, the good thing is that AF will be long gone for Sunday right?<br><br>
OK, gotta get those kids up!
I use Sof-Sole Athlete. Mine are Max Cushioning and Medium Arch support. I love them. They are about $20 at running stores or you can also get them at Famous Footwear. I also tested out a pair of OTC $3.00 gel pads Sunday for my toes to try to minimize blisters. Combined with body glide, they did the trick. No blisters Sunday.
She rocked mine the other day, so I guess I need to return the favor... presents are wrapped and waiting...hope she likes them.
I think you need to put those new adrenalines on and run faster so McMillian can get your time right <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
That's great Andi. Molly had some art selected to be displayed at a showcase recently and she was very proud. I think he's got some ice cream coming.<br><br>
KY, HB to Spencer!
Hi KKR. Love my adrenalines too.<br><br>
Hi Fer!
Moni, not sure if you've explored the full capabilities of your Garmin yet, but if you know what intervals (time or distance) you want to do and how much rest you want in time or distance, you can pre-program it for that exact workout. You can even include warm-up/cool-down. Its nice to not have to think when your HR is at 180.
Suds, I know your a Chrysler/Jeep guy, but the check engine light and "Traction Off" light came on in my Lexus while it was idling in the driveway the other day and now it won't turn off. nothing sounds or feels strange. I assume that maybe the traction is going (good thing winter is almost over), or maybe just a bad sensor? Any ideas? I'm going to mail you out a check in the morning to cover the Mount Washington deposit. I left the checkbook at home this morning.
Mine has a switch to turn it off, but nothing happens when I press it, so something is definitely going on. Think its OK to drive on?
unfortunately you are better off flying under the radar with cars... big and flashy attracts unwanted attention.<br><br>
A lady I used to work with wore a fur coat to work in the winter. A homeless guy punched her in the face. I don't know why but that story makes me laugh. She was a friggin snob.
maybe if we gave some of that Bear Sterns bailout billions to real people who are hurting, there would be less crime. But we give to the rich, not the poor, and this is what we get.<br>
desperate times make for desperate people.
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