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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday!

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Sorry Suds, it's Tuesday. I hope it goes by quick for both of us.<br><br><br>
I am supposed to run 6 miles today. The weather is shitty so I am not looking forward to it. My belly cramps b/c of AF are no helping much either. Sorry, I know, TMI.
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Good morning, Suds! Hope Tuesday goes by fast. Soon it will be Wednesday, and it's all downhill from there...<br><br>
Hi, Ty! GL with your 6 this morning. Are you anxious, or just determined about the weekend? There's no question about your being ready -- you have been a machine with the mileage these last months!<br><br>
I really ran this morning! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""> Very, very slowly, but 41:30 with NO PAIN. It felt so good to be out and moving for that length of time! Around 40 minutes my back began to tighten just a little bit, so I walked the rest of the way home. I've done my PT exercises now to stretch everything out, and then I head to the physical therapist at 8AM, followed by the orthopedist at 9:15AM.<br><br>
Can't wait to see what April Fools jokes the kids have in store. The oldest two were on the internet for quite a while looking up pranks. I heard lots of demonic laughter. I'm scared!
Birthday wishes for Spencer and for JB's DW<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;">
Morning Report:<br><br>
1. No pranks from kids yet. The toilet overflowed first thing this morning, so I thought that was April Fool's joke enough... I gave the kids "the look" and suggested that pranks would not be appreciated.<br><br>
2. I was told I have a tight quadratus limborum. I like my PT, and I assume she wasn't trying to pick me up with that line.<br><br>
3. The orthopedist says I definitely have no joint problems and no arthritis. Everything is fixable and work-with-able; the PT exercises are helping a lot. I should concentrate on building miles slowly, stretching mid-run as often as possible. He says I'm doing everything right, I just need to get these muscles strengthened to support my running habit. HE SAYS A MARATHON IS STILL POSSIBLE FOR ME -- but probably 2 years from now. He's suggesting I stick with 5Ks and 10Ks for the rest of this year.
Andi - Congrats to your DS! I think it is always so special for kids when they are able to 'shine' in an area that is all their own. My youngest DS seems to be intentionally choosing to participate in activities that neither of his older siblings have done, so that he can be the 'first' to do things.
Congratulations, Lee! Many hugs & prayers to you and your family and your two new foster daughters. Are your girls excited about it?
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