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Running Moms and Dads, Tuesday

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tuesday!<br>
10 miles done and crunches done.<br>
Bring it on!
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Good Morning! Today is cross training day for me. I did 30 minutes on the bike and will do yoga later. I am only working 1/2 day today since ds is still home - yippee!!<br><br>
Paul - Nice job on the 10 and crunches. Have a great tuesday - your favorite day of the week.<br><br>
Willa - Good Morning!<br><br>
KKR - Have a great 8 mile run!<br><br>
Monika - Have fun with the speed work later.<br><br>
Ty - I know better things will be coming your way - you deserve them. (((Ty))))<br><br>
Hi Chosha!
OMG - sisu - that is too cute! Have a great day. I hope you get your bike and weights in.
Sisu - Awesome news!!<br><br>
Fer - ds is feeling so much better, but can't go back to school until tomorrow. He and I are going to start some seeds today in the hopes that our vegetable garden will grow this year. Last year I never got around to planting - oops! I can imagine it would be very awkward to have to deal with the x-inlaws.
OMG - It was so nice having the afternoon off today. Ds and I had lunch together and then we went and ran a ton of errands. I got my hair cut, my brows waxed, we picked up all the stuff to start our veggies, and more. I really need to find a way to cut my hours at work - if I had 1 day a week without the kids I could get SO much accomplished.
Oh Jeans - good luck with that!<br><br>
sb - Just a thought that popped into my head - maybe the problem isn't what you are doing while you are running, but what you are doing when you are not. You watch little kids - do you carry them around? If you carry kids on your hip it really screws with your biomechanics. Just a thought. I am so sorry you keep having to deal with this. ((((sb))))
Staci - I wish I had some insight into this, but I don't. I, too, wish you could figure it out.
ds feels fine today. He had to stay home from school because he was still contagious, but he goes back tomorrow! I hope dd doesn't get it now.<br><br>
Feel free to whine to us - that is what we are here for - encouragement and a sounding board!
sb - that is very disappointing for him. you do have a point though - when I had the stress reaction I knew what the problem was, when I could come back and how to approach it. Yes, it sucked, but not nearly as frustrating as what you are dealing with. So, vent a way!
OK - off to hockey practice. see you all later!
Hi Ty, Nicole, Suds! I just ate some very yummy peanut butter cup ice cream for dessert!<br><br>
Nicole - yay for the butt kicking!<br><br>
Ty - post away baby - we want to hear from you.<br><br>
Suds - are you still at work?
Ty - give poor J a hug. On second thought, have K give her a hug - you don't want to catch it!
Dora, Dora, dora - My dd loved her when she was younger!
Hey staci! What did you have for dinner? My dh isn't home so ds7 had frozen pizza, ds10 and dd7 had egg and chese bagels and I had steak and chese. Yep, I am up for mother of the year!
Ty - my foot is feeling fine. I still have to go have the xray done. I need someone to stay with the kids so I can go.
My dh works nights, but since he works in town he can come home on his dinner break so I usually cook a big meal every night. It is nice to get a break from that once in a while.
LOL! My dd went through a phase where she wouldn't wear panties either.
Ty - my dh just went and had a physical last month - it had been like 7 years for him. Now they are sending him for all kinds of tests because of his family history - so far, so good.
Nicole - No, I haven't heard from her. If she doesn't post tomorrow I will call her to make sure everything is ok. I hope she is just busy.
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