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Running Moms and Dads, Thursday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>I stayed up late to watch the hockey game last night and when my alarm went off at 3:00 I paused for a second and contemplated going back to sleep for a couple of hours. The run won out. I got in a good speed workout in and my usual workout. I'm sure I'll be dragging latter in the day.</p>
<p>Have a good day!</p>
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<p>Hi all!</p>
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<p>So nice to finally have some good weather!  I'm so happy that school is almost over because I'm tired of this routine and my kids are exhausted.  My dh left today for a three day bike ride called the Trek Across Maine.  I think the total mileage is about 180miles or so.  It should be interesting as he has not been on his bike once this year! I'm sure he'll be fine but his butt is going to be sore!  haha  I have had three tough workouts this week - 11.5mi long run on Monday, bootcamp Tuesday and today I did bootcamp again.  We ran hills at the end and the instructor was pushing me (she is amazingly fast so it was tough!) to keep up with her or beat her up the hill.  Lots of fun!  </p>
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<p>Paul - good choice to do your run this morning!  good job on your workout!</p>
<p>Andi - enjoy the playoff game tonight and if you don't get your run in I'm sure that is OK.  </p>
<p>Ron - are you in the new house yet?  I hope you have a good workout tonight.</p>
<p>LB - so good to see you back here!  good job on your workouts.  What are you knitting?</p>
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<p>Have a good afternoon!</p>
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