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Running Moms and Dads, Thursday

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<p>Good morning and happy Thursday!</p>
<p>A little speed work and a short workout this morning, now I'm ready to crank out this day!</p>
<p>Looks like some decent weather has finally arrived here and I'm looking forward to a long weekend (even though I'm working Saturday.)</p>
<p>Enjoy the day!</p>
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<p>Hey Paul!  Nice job on your workout this morning!  So nice to see the sun, isn't it?  Hope you have a good day :)</p>
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<p>Trying to decide if I should go to bootcamp or not this morning.  I have a 15mi trail race in three days and I'm just starting to feel better after this cold kicked my ass.  Last night I thought for sure I would be at the dr this morning because my throat hurt so bad but it seems to feel a bit better.  I've missed my bootcamp class for two weeks now but probably doesn't make sense to go today.  I dunno.</p>
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<p>Have a great day!</p>
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