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Running Moms and Dads, Thursday

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<p>Good morning and happy Thursday!</p>
<p>A little speed work and a short workout this morning, now I'm ready to crank out this day!</p>
<p>Looks like some decent weather has finally arrived here and I'm looking forward to a long weekend (even though I'm working Saturday.)</p>
<p>Enjoy the day!</p>
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<p>good morning everyone!<br><br>
Sunny and nice here today...think it is supposed to rain the entire wknd though!! :(</p>
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<p>Ran 3 at a nice easy pace last ngiht with my friend!! So nice!  today is a rest day adn we have baseball so will probably just get a walk in with the dog before the game, durring the game and after the game! :)</p>
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<p>We have NOTHING planned this entire wknd a couple grad open houses but the bulk of those are nxt wkend. Hope to use the wkend to accomplish some stuff around here..closets, planting etc!  and get a couple nice easy runs in as well! 4 days of work next wk and I am done...can not wait! Just ordered 2 books for my summer is the new Kristin Armstrong book Mile Markers...any of you gals read it yet?? </p>
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<p>Enjoy your thursday Sisu and Suds!! Sisu..hope that spring cold is over for you!  Stinks to b sick when it is nice out!! There should be a rule about that!! Suds...hope you get to enjoy the weather and it lasts!!</p>
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