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Running Moms and Dads, Thursday

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<p>Good morning!  I got up and out for 4 miles this morning.  Definately doing better with staying on track.  Hopefully the weekend won't derail me this week - it's going to be a really busy one.</p>
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<p>Have a great day everyone.  Off to wake the kiddos and go to work.</p>
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<p>Good morning! I went to cycle this morning- what a great workout.  Now I just have to watch my eating.....easier said then done this time of year.</p>
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<p>My youngest has his first loose tooth- time goes by too quickly!  He's so excited to finally loose a tooth, me not so much because that means he's growing up.</p>
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<p>Andi- I hope you have a good day.  Nice running this AM.  How do you like your new job?</p>
<p>Hey Sudsy!  Do you have to work on Saturday?</p>
<p>Sisu- sorry to hear about the sick one.  That's never fun for anyone.  I hope he feels better soon and the rest of you stay healthy.  I did go to a spin class.  The 6am classes have awesome instructors (I say this after the workout not during it).  Their theory is that if you get up early enough to be there at 6 it better be worth your while.   It's the best way for me to really push it and improve my cardio.  If left on my own I won't do it.  Sadly the classes during the day aren't nearly as tough.</p>
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<p>A few local dentists are buying candy from children this year and sending it to the troops.  Do they do that by any of you?</p>
<p>Hey Sudsy- my 2010 Sienna has a rotten egg/ fart smell when I'm not accelerating.  Should I take it in to be looked at or do I just need to burn through the gas I put in?  Everything I touch these days is falling apart.  Our toilet now needs to be replaced because it has two leaks.  I beginning to think I'm cursed!</p>
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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