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Running Moms and Dads, Thursday-Saint Patrick's Day!

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Good morning!<br>
A nice tempo run and a workout this morning. Mild temps out there this morning but a bit foggy.<br>
Hope you all have a good day!<br>
Nicole, I'm glad you found the snake! Good luck to the girls and have a great time!<br>
Sisu, it's not too late to join us for the race!<br>
Andi, you must be ready for this race. From your training runs I'd say you're headed for a pr!
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<p>Hey all!</p>
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<p>Nothing exciting to report for me today.  I am taking a rest day and had a chiro appointment.  Tomorrow I'm scheduled to do a long run and it's supposed to be another beautiful day - even warmer than today but windy.  I might even run in shorts!  There is still a foot of snow in my yard and huuuuge snow piles at the ends of the driveway but other than that it feels like a spring day. :)</p>
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<p>Sudsy - the mild temps feel nice, don't they?  Hope you had a good day at work.  I'm still thinking about the Eastern States race.  I have this fear of getting stuck out on the course with my knee all jammed up and no one to help me.  Crazy isn't it?  </p>
<p>Nic - ah yes St Patty's day in Chicago would be a blast!  I lived in a suburb of Chicago and worked in the city when I took a year off from college but we didn't go in to the city for St Patricks day.  </p>
<p>Ron - I was thinking of you guys today when I heard about the possibility of radiation from Japan hitting the west coast.  Is anyone freaking out about it?  I hope you enjoyed your day off.</p>
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