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<p>Andi, great job today! Very impressive for you and your family! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and DS's ankle is ok.</p>
<p>Hi Fer !Hope you're having a great weekend!</p>
<p>Today was a good day for everybody. It was a great course and I will do the full there next year.</p>
<p>DW had a great a great run, finished in 2:02 and change. My niece came in arout 2:10 and DW ran with her friend who both came in under 2:30, I didn't check her exact time. I came in at 1:42 something, a PR for me. Overall it was a perfect race day, cool and overcast. The scenery was beautiful and I'm looking forward to going the distance next year. (Pizza, ice cream, beer, music etc. topped off a nice run!)</p>
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