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Running Moms and Dads, Saturday

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<p>Good morning!</p>
<p>Johnny, good move getting on the road early-you won't regret it. Have fun and enjoy the running there!</p>
<p>Batmomm, sounds like you have some good running this weekend too. Hope it's not too hot for you. Love the profile picture!</p>
<p>LB, glad to hear everything is going well! Maybe the weather will break for you soon.</p>
<p>Sisu, hopefully the humidity has left your area. Right now it's beautiful outside-actually a little cool. I'll be heading out in a few minutes for my run.</p>
<p>DB, sounds like "the big sister" is doing a great job!</p>
<p>Lee, you must be on your way to NH already. Have a good weekend!</p>
<p>Nicole, hang in there. You'll heal up and be back on track soon. Don't rush it. Maybe we can get a run in next June!</p>
<p>Well, off to get ready to run!</p>
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<p>Hi everybody! Sounds like vaca's are in progress. Have a great time!</p>
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<p>Suds - Hope you had a terrific run!</p>
<p>DB - Big sister's totally ROCK!!! :)</p>
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<p>I  finished Wk2 Day1 again today. After that I walked three miles for a grand total of 5 miles. It was very nice. Quiet and serene, with the exception of the swallows. They make a LOT of noise, but the sunrise was fantastic! I never get tired of watching those! Towards the end, I saw several folks out running and walking. I really like this neighborhood!</p>
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<p>Have great runs and cross trains!</p>
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<p>Hey... aren't Rocken and Willa doing an Ultra today?</p>
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