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Running moms and Dads, Saturday

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Good morning!<br>
Man, I did not want to get up this morning.<br>
10 miles done. Crunches done. Leg lifts done. I'm done.<br>
I'd love to go back to bed, but it's off to the showers and then to work.<br>
Talk to you all later!
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Hey Suds. Great job on your 10 miles and the crunches/leg lifts. I'm sorry you have to go to work today!<br><br>
I am up earlier than I had planned. DD got in bed with us again, and she has had me up and down all night asking for juice and milk. She's driving me crazy. And then the damn cat got on my DH's dresser (which has so much crap on it that you can't even see the top of it) and somehow turned on a metronome. After that, I could not go back to sleep.<br><br>
Anyway, RP is coming in a little less than an hour and then we head off to the race.
Monika!!! That is awesome that you were first in your age group! Congratulations!!! That is a great time and a great pace.<br><br>
Jeans!!! Congratulations to you! You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!
I finished in 1:49:56 according to my Garmin, but I think my official time is around 1:50:something.<br><br>
This is the very first race that I didn't PR. My HM PR is about 1:48, so this was just a little off.
Ky - You are exactly right, and I think it took this race to prove it to me. And I would certainly never tell you to go to hell! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> The only thing I will disagree with is "expecting everyone to high-five me." That is why I haven't been posting a whole lot lately; I didn't want to bother everyone.<br><br>
I really thought today would be better since I had taken it so much easier in the past few weeks. I knew I was pushing the envelope on training with an injury, but I thought I was within my own boundaries. My chiro gave me the go-ahead, too. I was wrong, and so was she.<br><br>
I apologize to everyone for having to listen to me... I won't be running for a while. I am going to edit my race report.
Thanks for the kind replies everyone. I have been in denial about the injury and thought I was just being a pansy. Now I know that it IS real pain and I AM injured, so I am going to take care of it.<br><br>
TY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and my knee and leg are feeling a little better. I iced and took an ibuprofen, and then walked slowly around Target. Keeping it moving definitely helps.<br><br>
I have a bike tour next weekend, so I am going to take it easy and only swim this week, with maybe a bike ride depending on my how knee feels. I am glad I can at least swim to stay in shape until this heals. I am thinking about taking at least 3 weeks off, and then we'll see where we are.
That is terrible about the NYC tragedy. I am praying that those who are trapped will be rescued and that no one else will get injured in the rescue process!
Hippo - thank you so much. That perspective really opened my eyes. I like the idea of thinking of the rehab process as training - that definitely helps my frame of mind. Thanks again for the kind words and for taking the time to write to me.<br><br>
And congrats on running a mile!!!!! I know that is huge for you right now. Hope you continue to improve!
1 - 8 of 438 Posts
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