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Running Moms and Dads, Monday

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Good morning!<br>
Easy day for me, 4 miles done, core work done, now I'm just finishing up with some weight work.
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suds- Gm! I guess your feeling good after your 20. Good job!<br>
ty- Enjoy your rest day you worked your ass off this weekend.<br>
Heather-sorry dd is sick <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> your a great mommy don't feel mommy guilt<br>
she is in good hands w/ your dad.<br>
fit- Yeah a vaca to Fla. sounds good you must be excited. Glad to hear<br>
the p.t is working.<br><br>
Well the usual Monday work, dinner, swimming lessons and core and upper<br>
body workout.<br><br>
Shouldn't Staci be back today from here vaca?<br><br>
Have a good one everyone!
Hi nicole- you should be off doing cruches right now so I won't bother you <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
I'm enjoying it as we speak a large hot coffee. half hot chocolate <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
My friend is a P.T and she went to a convention yesterday and the trainers<br>
made a good point they said when you watch a marathon how many people actually<br>
look at the top finishers and say" oh I want to look just like them" LOL! no one<br>
there all emaciated! He was stressing the importance of core and weights.<br>
I wish I had a trainer to whip my ass into shape.
I took dd11 to my soccer game last night she was so cute she was a great<br>
cheerleader for me she kept giving me high Five's and telling me how good I was<br>
doing <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Alemma- Gm! How is the speed race this morning ?
Hippo- I read the thread last night I saw your Garmin story.<br>
It just so happened this happened to me yesterday when I wasn't in the<br>
mood to run at all and I was thinking damm this last mile is taking forever<br>
then figured it out LOL!
Devilbunny- Gm! how are you today?<br><br>
abb- Gm! Enjoy your breakfast w/ your family.<br><br>
Hi chos- How was your 5?
Andi- Did you take some iburprofen? Try sticking it in some ice too that's always<br>
fun <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> smart move not running this morning. Have a good day.
Andi- Did you get new sneakers yet? I wouldn't wait now that the<br>
miles are getting up there you need comfy cushy sneakers <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br>
you will finish and you will be fine cause I said so!
Lamerunner- Wow awesome job on your HM! Your another speedster!
Jeans- I would love to try a spining class the ymca near me doesn't<br>
have it <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hi Gaela_ I love your new avatar!<br><br>
I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee must. have. caffine.
andi- It is getting close yikes!!! I have two 20's two 12's and a<br>
8 miler left.
Andi _ I know I find myself saying aaah good this week is only<br>
12,13 where before it would be like uuugh 13 miles! Though<br>
this weekend I wasn't feeling it but I'm going to be ready for<br>
20 this weekend. Did you use gu's on your 19? how many?<br>
Do you drink gatorade too?
I've learned that I need to eat and have caffine before my lsd's<br>
the last two times I've rolled out of bed and out the door and<br>
paid the price. I think the caffine gives me the boost I need<br>
and I atleast need a banana or toast before I go. That's what<br>
I get for trying to rush out the door .
I walked 2.5 miles at lunch but I don't know how I have<br>
noooooo energy and feel shaky <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> I wanna go home.<br><br>
Jen- uuuuuugh you are in hell you poor thing. (((Jen and family)))<br>
hope it all passes soon. yeah on 15 hours of sleep that's awwesome.
I hope not I just want to go to sleep right now. A co-worker<br>
just went to pick up some pizza so that will make me feel better <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br>
I only have another 1 hr 20 mins to go anyway.
I won't tell <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br>
Do you get to go home and relax for the day? oooh this pizza is<br>
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