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Running Moms and Dads, Monday

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Good morning!<br>
Easy day for me, 4 miles done, core work done, now I'm just finishing up with some weight work.
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Suds, good job on your run and core and weights. How do you feel after your 20? apparently ready to run again.<br><br>
Cho, I hope you are having a great 5.<br><br>
Rest day for me. My legs feel like there was workout done, but no pain. I could run, but I don't need to and I won't/<br>
Everyone have a great day!
Heather, sorry DD is so sick. I understand how you feel because I feel the same way when I have to work and DD is not well. But that's a wrong statement. Don't feel like a bad mommy. You have your dad helping, she is staying safe at home and she will be totally fine with him. It is important that you get your commitments done when you can't change them, so you don't add stress to your life. That's important for your children too and makes you a great mommy, from what I've seen you doing so far.
Fit, that's great news that you are seeing the results. It just gets better and better. Thanks to PT, I got through this giant training without getting an injury, which was a fear I had since the beginning. I've been dealing with tightness and a bit of lingering from my past misalignment, but those have been quickly managed. PT rocks. Yay for your new exciting vacation!<br><br>
Nicole, I'm more wonderpets than wonderwoman... I also have been thinking about core... for the past 5 months <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> I keep staring at the kit I bought, with the balance ball, video, bells and whisles. So far, it is still in the clutter category. Haven't even opened it yet. Embarrassing!
Hi LEE...have a great workout tonight... Don't you just love Mondays?
LEE, that's cute... it's cuz her momma rocks.<br><br>
Alemma, how are you feeling sis?
Alemma, glad you feel better.<br><br>
Nicole, great job!
Crazy day for me.<br><br>
Staci, welcome back!<br><br>
Batmomm, the chicken I can check the recipe, but the past was TY's creation <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> that means I have no clue of what I did... something like that: cook the past in chicken broth. When done, drain and don't rinse. In the pan you cooked the pasta, throw lots of olive oil and Smart Balance butter <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> (OMG, I'm so fkn healthy), throw lots of garlic in. sautee the garlic, then throw the pasta back in and mix it all in. Then invite TY, who's going to stand beside the stove and pick the pasta outta da pan <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
oh yeah... and lotsa salt too, ya know <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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hi all. I'm drained. I'll try to read to catch up now. Sorry for the lack of shout outs.
weird... I just thought I posted something and it's not there... anyway... I worked from 7h40 to 6pm with a 30 minute lunch and still brought work home.
Heather, it doesn't look like I'll have a break anytime soon. But that's ok, I just need to concentrate and get it done.
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