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Running Moms and Dads, Monday

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Good morning!<br>
Easy day for me, 4 miles done, core work done, now I'm just finishing up with some weight work.
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Suds - Excellent 4. I am beginning to discover that I may possibly at some point in the future have abs if I keep up these exercises!<br><br>
Cho - You are really buildling up the mileage! Good for you!! When is your 10K? You are going to be soooo ready!<br><br>
Heather - Sorry about DD and about the car break-in. Your parents sound really great. It's good that they're able to help you out!<br><br>
Ty - Enjoy your rest day from running. You certainly deserve it!<br><br>
I've finished my morning round of PT exercises. They are really helping a lot already; I'll go see the PT on Tuesday & Thursday mornings this week. Still some lingering hip discomfort, but overall, everything is much more flexible than before. The 'fixed' portion of my spine has decreased from two vertical fists in height to just one, and, amazingly enough, I am 1/2" taller. I'll hit the pool at lunchtime and the Y after work today.<br><br>
ALSO - We've scheduled a Florida vacation in mid-June! This will be a different sort of Orlando trip for us, because we've always done Disney in the past (5x). We're going to do just Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure this time, neither of which we've ever done before.<br><br>
Have a great day, everyone, with good runs, rests, and XTs!<br><br>
PS - Congrats to Alemma and Batmomm on their new PRs! You maniacs are incredibly fast!
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Andi - Your sisters don't NEED pedicures? I'm not sure I've ever *needed* a pedicure, but Ohhhhhhhhh, I do love them!
1 - 2 of 349 Posts
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