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Running Moms and Dads, Monday.

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Good morning!<br>
A nice easy 4 miles this morning. I'm still tired from the 15 yesterday. I had to work it in late afternoon due to being in "recovery" mode in the morning.<br>
Now I can get my lifting and core work done!
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Good morning, Ty!<br>
Sounds like you could use a nice rest today!
Good morning, Alemma! How are you this morning?
Good morning, Monika! Sorry to hear about the cold!<br>
Good morning, Heather. Nice job getting it done!<br>
Good morning, Lee! Nice to be multi-talented!
Good morning, Tri! Hope the back feels better!
Hmmm. No drinking? Hmmmm.......
I'm sick of the cold and snow. I need to go south.
52? That sounds tropical right now!
1 - 13 of 380 Posts
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