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Running Moms and Dads, Monday.

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Good morning!<br>
A nice easy 4 miles this morning. I'm still tired from the 15 yesterday. I had to work it in late afternoon due to being in "recovery" mode in the morning.<br>
Now I can get my lifting and core work done!
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hi Suds, nice work on putting the 4 in with so little time after your 15.<br>
Running rest day for me, but since I have no energy, I'll probably make it a full rest day.
Alemma, hi sis, I was checking your signature. Do you need another M in a "virgin" state?? I am very likely doing the Grandfather's Mountain in July here in NC. So, it wouldn't be a new state for you, but it would count for the 6-month thing, no?
Suds, yes, I will have to rest today. Physically I feel fine, but I need to find a way to recharge, cuz I have no vibe. I know this will be a "robotic" week in my training.
but it doesn't have to be in a new state, does it?
well, then think about GM. It is a different one. It's hilly. Like.... hilly.
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<span style="font-size:large;"><b>Hey HIPPO!</b></span> manifest yourself. tks.
oh no, I missed Tony last night! <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> Tony, if you are lurking at some point, come out. That's an order. You made me LOL with your almost faceplant. Well, if you remember, mine was an actual one in DC and I had to share with that tiny little field of runners, who got to see my butt since I was wearing a RS.<br><br>
Jen, I wouldn't be so worried about your SIL. It's not your problem that she is a OCD about dates. You don't have to be one. I HATE that kind of obligation. I like to see a gift and buy it because I am thinking about that person with care, and not because I HAVE to pick something when my heart is not there. I've been on the black list of quite a few people and you know what? I really don't care. You are a very loving and caring person and you are very loved too, which I am sure makes you a happier and better person.
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oh, you're so polite... <img alt="rolleyes.gif" src=""> what a lady...<br>
he was fkn farting his ass off. <img alt="rolleyes.gif" src="">
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