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Running Moms and Dads, Happy Weekend

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Good morning!<br>
Had a nice run this morning and a small workout, now it's time to hit the shower and get ready for work.<br>
Hope you are all going to have a great weekend.<br>
Andi, your schedule makes my head spin!
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<p>morning suds! hope you are having a great run and a nice Sunday!!<br><br>
I have 8 to run today at some point...windy and rainy here right now so am slowly losing my mojo!! May have to run it at the gym...ICK! </p>
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<p>Ran 4 on friday night, yesterday was an rest day. DS2 had a BB tourney out of town. They placed 2nd and the top 2 teams advanced on to a regional tourney in June!! They get to play at the Target Center in Minneapolis (where the MN TImberwolves play!!)!! So excited for them!! What an experience this will be!!</p>
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<p>We had to head north out of town yesterday for the tourney....never seen so much water!! We are so sheltered in townand I dont see a lot except on the news, but the small towns north of us are really taking a beating this year!! there was an area for about 20 miles along the interstate where the ditches were FULL along the road and in the fields, as far as you could see was standing water. Looked more like an ocean then farm land. Today I heard that interstate is down to one lane in that area because of water on the road...glad we didnt have to head up there again today!</p>
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