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Running Moms and Dads, Friday

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<p>Good morning and Happy Friday!</p>
<p>Had a nice run and workout this morning and ready to rock.</p>
<p>SB, you are busy as usual! My youngest came home for the summer yesterday and my oldest graduates next weekend. Once again it's time to adjust!</p>
<p>Sisu, nice job on the workout! Sounds like bootcamp is keeping you on your toes!</p>
<p>Hope everyone has a good day today! No work for me tomorrow but 15 scheduled for Saturday and 6 for Sunday. Looks like Sunday will be in the rain.</p>
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<p>HI your oldest is done!!  CONGRATS!! that is a huge accomplishment for her and for all of your family as well!! Scarfices for all isnt it!! and a new phase of life for all of you! :) Enjoy these moments! I hope you have some great runs this wkend and you can enjoy some downtime too!</p>
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<p>ANdi...hope that leg starts feeling better!! WHat happened?  Hope you can get those runs in this wkend! When is marathon?<br><br>
Ron.,.morning!  any baseball this wkend??<br><br>
Hoping to get a run in this will be short but want to try to see how toe feels after?!  It is very sore at the end of the day still (being on my feet all day)  but I am walking with Lucy outside once or twice a day..doesnt hurt until after I am done! Def feels better to wear shoes and give it that support.  We have baseball this tonight and tomorrow...high today is 47*, not really looking forward to it! THis is def not the spring I dreamt of durring our long winter this yr!   So far it has been cold, windy, cloudy and rainy! ISH!</p>
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<p>well we have discovered that she has a very bad case of seperation anxiety..meaning when she goes into the crate she DESTROYS toys that are in there, whines, cries, pants and drools,  for the ENTIRE durrration she is crated! :)  If I could walk out the door and go to work every day it wouldnt be so bad! but I have to listen to it.  She comes out completely sopping wet and it is not pee and takes a good hour to calm her down..we have found. she is a much calmer dog when we do not have to crate.It is very sad.  We really minimize the time she is crated and are working on other ways to confine her...we need to go get a couple taller gates this wkend, as she is able to jump over the ones we have now! :)  She also figured out how to open the first, wire crate we purchased and had a couple escapes! :) We now are using a smaller, travel one and she is not able to open it!! SHe is doing very well on potty training and we will start some puppy training when I am done working! she is a GREAT dog, so fun and great with the kids!  Some friends had a dog that did the same thing (panting & drooling) in the crate, they said dog training helped and she did eventually out grow it. So there is  hope!! I have read that this is common for abandoned animals to have this anxiety and some never completely get over it!! We will keep on crating when needed as long as she is not hurting herself in there and keep PRAYING that it gets better soon!! SHe just needs some paitence and training.  When we are busy in the house and cant have all eyes on lucy we have been leashing her up in the kitchen to minimize accidents...she has gotten much better in the last few days about whining when we are not within her sight.  :)  and has started going to door to let us know she needs to go out! Baby adjustment for all of us and every day is better!! That first wk was rough and last wk had a few not so good days as well! but this wk I am giving a thumbs up! :) thanks for asking Paul!!</p>
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<p>Tell dd CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK in grad school! you have a lot to be proud of!</p>
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