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Running Moms and Dads, Friday!

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<p>Good morning and happy Friday!</p>
<p>Had a nice run this morning and just getting ready to hit the shower. I figured I might as well get up early and get it done anyway so I won't have to put him in the crate later.</p>
<p>My rest days have been switched up a bit with my new training schedule, sometimes it's a few weeks before a rest day. I think I need to shake things up a bit before I start my marathon traing again so I'll see how this goes.</p>
<p>Hope everyone has a good day. I'll be around a bit today since there's not much else to do here today.</p>
<p>Off to the shower!</p>
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<p>Good morning Andi! Good luck with that 20 tomorrow, I hope it goes pain-free. I'm supposed to do 15 tomorrow, but I'm swapping it for Sunday's 6. Wow, looks your Mother's day will be a busy one. I hope the weather will cooperate. Enjoy the tea!</p>
<p>Hi Sisu! Glad to see that your mileage is getting back up. My marathon training is supposed to start mid June, but the plan I'm on now brings me to the beginning of July so I'll just switch it up when this plan ends. Barefoot today? Nice!</p>
<p>Hi Ron, sounds like you had a productive morning. Hope you have a good weekend planned!</p>
<p>I've already been out on a few walks with Tank and had a meeting with my furnace guy. Looks like my furnace is slowly on it's way out. Time to start planning a replacement.</p>
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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