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Running Moms and Dads, Friday

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Good morning!<br>
Happy Friday! It's been a long week here and I'm looking forward to the weekend with no work tomorrow.<br>
Rest day today, just an easy workout and then tomorrow and Sunday I have 10 and 20 miles. Should be warmer out there, maybe up to 50! I'm looking forward to being outside and in the daylight for these runs.<br>
Have a great day!
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<p>Hi all!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Paul - You've got a lot of running to do this weekend!  50s is going to feel so nice - shorts weather!</p>
<p>Andi - good job on the bootcamp as usual.  I haven't had my body fat tested since I played volleyball in college - we had it tested during pre-season for some reason.</p>
<p>Amber - sounds like you are busy with that after school program.  Good for you for taking it on!  How is your foot by the way?</p>
<p>Staci - so cool about the new shoes!  I love getting new shoes - especially when they are cool colors.  I'm glad that you are going w/o orthotics.  I remember when I got rid of mine and I realized that they were doing nothing for me (except causing new problems!)  </p>
<p>Ron - I don't do any weights for my legs except stuff like med ball lunges, etc.  I prefer to do functional exercises with bands or squats on the flat side of the bosu, etc.  We should see pictures of your legs just to judge whether you need to use weights or not.  Just for research of course.</p>
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<p>I'm a bit sore from my boot camp class yesterday but not nearly as bad as I feared. (maybe it will hit tomorrow!)  I had a busy day but was able to squeeze in 3.25mi on the TM and then 30min on the elliptical.  I hate the elliptical because my feet go numb.  I have to do a long run this weekend and hope to get to 16 miles at least.  It certainly doesn't feel like I'm training for a marathon but I guess I'm running one in 6 or 7 weeks. :)</p>
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