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Running Moms and Dads, Friday

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Good morning!<br>
Happy Friday! It's been a long week here and I'm looking forward to the weekend with no work tomorrow.<br>
Rest day today, just an easy workout and then tomorrow and Sunday I have 10 and 20 miles. Should be warmer out there, maybe up to 50! I'm looking forward to being outside and in the daylight for these runs.<br>
Have a great day!
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<p>howdy everyone!!<br><br>
happy Friday!!<br><br>
I got new shoes for my feet,</p>
<p>they are so sweet!!</p>
<p>They are pink</p>
<p>and make me go fast I think</p>
<p>I LOVE new running shoes for my FEET!!<br><br>
:)  Ok I have def been reading WAY TOO MUCH DR SUESS this wk!! Shoe shopping last night!! Went back to Asics Nimbus!! Love them and they are pink! :) I have had my last pair way too long (NB 1064)! OOPS!! I have always liked asics and should have never switched!! I am going to go without the orthotics now as well! hope it goes ok!! they were originally for my pf and that was never caused by running but rather walking on my hard floors all day without support for my feet so I think that I should be good to go!!  3-4 tonight and then 6 on either sat or sun! will bike on the day I dont run this wkend! We are supposed to get snow and I dont think will be vvery warm so it will probablly be inside! I hope I can start getting outside more soon!!<br><br>
Paul!! ENJOY those 50's and those runs!! What wonderful running weather!! YAY!<br>
Andi...yay for hockey being almost over!! I am ready for spring sports myself!!  DS is playing on a travel basketball team too this spring/summer along with baseball so I will still be stuck inside a gymnasium sometimes! UCK!<br>
Amber..that sounds awesome! GOOD LUCK!! Is this the field your profession is in?</p>
<p> weiights for legs, but do try to do strength stuff for legs, hips and butt.  have a great wkend with jen and kids!<br>
<p>What is HULA?? Have a great wkend everyone!</p>
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<p>yes we are preparing for another spring flood here but what i wanted you guys to see was the pics of the blizzards and the snow we had in Dec and Jan!!  It is eye opening to look at it what our winters are like and I shovel that shit! :)  the pics are really good around 3:30- 4 min in</p>
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<p> </p>
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