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Running Moms and Dads, Friday

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<p>Good morning and happy Friday!</p>
<p>Took a rest day today, just a small workout.</p>
<p>Fer, Sunday there's a 5k race in memory of boy who was killed by a car last year. He was the best friend of the son of one of my friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Myself, DW, DD and my niece will be running it together. Afterwards it's pizza, beer and football at my house!</p>
<p>Andi, still no explanation on the loud booms. I'm still getting them, in fact I just heard one Wednesday night. It's strange.</p>
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<p>Good afternoon!  I was supposed to run 6 this morning and then volunteer at school for 3 hours but DS10 told me he was "sick".  Turns out he's perfectly fine.  I'm making him read or do extra school work all day- no tv, wii, etc.  Oh well!</p>
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<p>I'm so angry.  I just spent 1 hour 23 minutes on the phone with our medical insurance company because they lost our appeal for DS5's tests in Seattle.   We've been trying to get it covered since early August and it's driving me crazy.  They've given us wrong phone numbers, addresses, etc. so everything has taken MUCH longer than it should.  It's frustrating and my mama bear instincts are coming out which is never good.</p>
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<p>Now I'm going to call our contractor and complain about his sub who put in a new subfloor in our furnace room over a wet floor-- the floor was being replaced because of mold.  The sub also lost a knife in our garage or yard, left trash in the driveway and forgot to fix the leaking pipe.....ugg!!</p>
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<p>Sorry for my venting!  When I get to run either late tonight or early tomorrow morning I'm sure it will be a good one! </p>
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<p>Hey Ron!  Enjoy your chilaxin evening!</p>
<p>Andi- how do you like Insanity?  I'm thinking about doing it or PX90.  I'm just thinking about it now....</p>
<p>Suds- isn't a rest day a real rest day?  Only you would call a rest day one that you have a short workout. <img alt="smile.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src=""></p>
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