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Running Moms and Dads, Friday

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Good morning!<br>
It's Friday, so no running today.<br>
Right now I'm doing my weight workout and I'll follow up with some crunches and leg lifts.<br>
John, it's still cold here. Hit the cancel button again, please.
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Good morning suds, ty, Heather, alemma!<br><br>
Happy Friday I can't wait to go home and I just got here LOL!<br>
Running rest day will get some weights in later.<br><br>
Have a good one.
I just heard that we are supposed to get another 4" of snow after midnight<br>
into sat morning. Oh how perfect I had my LSd of 17 tommorow uuuugh!!!!<br>
JOhnny did ya hear suds press that buttun again please.
Hi moni! Enjoy your run later. 7 hours till the weekend starts wooo hoooo!!!
Nicole- yeah! everyone is better. woooo hooo!<br>
chos- So you went on a mission for a germ free house huh? hopefully<br>
you escape it.<br>
fit_GM! Have a good day at work.<br>
Hi mykemp! That's alot if miles woooo hooooooo!
I'm really tired and cranky right now. I just want to go home.<br>
I found out someone I grew<br>
up with Nephew just died 25 yrs old. so sad <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> so If I go to the wake tonight<br>
it sure will be a blast from the past and I real good chance my I will see my<br>
Ex. there. Wow now that would be wierd.
<img alt="sad.gif" src=""> suds I'd be sad.<br><br>
I know huh 2008 has been 3 deaths already. Though this one<br>
is a real blast from the past I haven't seen this boy since he<br>
was very little. I just feel so bad for the mom.
I haven't seen them in years so It would make no difference to her<br>
If I show up or not. I just feel really bad for them right now.
ty- your right I don't need to go. Maybe I will just send a card. Plus I think it<br>
would be really weird to see all those people again and the possibility of seeing<br>
my ex kinda freaks me out. Wow your training peaks at 75 miles for the week<br>
That's insane to me I do 30-40 and I think that's alot LOL! You rock!
Andi _ I think I have to switch it to Sunday because of the snow.<br>
and sunday is supposed to be nice. So if you want some company<br>
I will go with you I can just come to your house and you can lead the<br>
way. whatta ya think?
Suds- So are ya still gonna hang out w/ me ?? <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Roflmao! ok you can run like a bat outta hell!
So it is written then let it be done... I will not go.
lammerrunner- You guys are getting buried up there. I thought I heard<br>
you guys are getting another 6-12'?? My parents have no where to put it they had a back hoe come in to make room for the plow it's crazy!
andi- Sounds good since I have to wait for dh to get home anyway<br>
or I can drop them with him and met you at your house. I will like a change of<br>
Hi kitty- Sounds like you have been a bit busy latley. What is your lsd<br>
for this weekend? I'm not going to the wake per orders of Ty <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br>
I changed my lsd to Sunday due to the weather and now the plus is<br>
I will run w/ andi and have some company since we have 17 to do.<br>
Have fun with the ladies today <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Suds- Sunday is supposed to be near 40 out. Andi and I are running in<br>
her neighborhood. We have 17 so you can join us if you want to<br>
go slooooooowwwwwwww! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Moni_ Is she tall for her age already according to the percentage charts<br>
at the pedi dr. ? Are your other children tall?<br><br>
I think my girls will be pretty tall too just based on my side I'm 5'8
I'm bored.<br><br>
What's everyone doing this weekend? Any fun plans besides running?
No thanks I'm billing enough Blue cross claims today. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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