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<p>Hey!!  </p>
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<p>Happy Wednesday!  I'm sore today from my workout yesterday <img alt="smile.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src="">  I guess that's a good thing because it means I worked hard.  I hope to get a run in today at some point.  I'm so confused about what day of the week it is since my kids didn't have school Monday.  Today is their last day of school this week because of Veteran's day tomorrow.  I'm not mentally prepared for a 4 day weekend yet.  </p>
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<p>have a good day!</p>
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<p>Good morning!</p>
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<p>I'm soooo sore from monday nights workout then last nights run. I haven't felt this sore in awhile.</p>
<p>But like you said sisu means it's working!</p>
<p>Last night was a 4 miler in the rain w/ rick some lady stopped me and said to be very careful because she could hardley see us. So have to invest in some relflective gear.</p>
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<p>Tonight is class I have a test then a workout.</p>
<p>so happy I have tommorow off woooo hoooo I need sleep.</p>
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<p>HI sisu, enjoy your 4 day weekend. I wish I had that back to work friday for me though yuk!</p>
<p>suds, Hi there. Hows everything w/ you?</p>
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