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Several changes have been made or will be made in the next few days.<br><br>
First - You can 'delete' your log entries - take it back to 'default' by going to preferences and the set default. You'll get an "are you sure" prompt then another 'ok'. Once done, your log will empty - but your preferences will stay intact.<br><br>
Second - on importing logs. You need to make sure your log file is in TAB DELIMITED FORMAT. If you're not sure how to do this, check google. the XML file from Runningahead isn't a direct import, but changing it to a Tab delimited is pretty easy. Also. Any runs that you import that don't have a route assigned will be skipped. Since our log isn't a direct match to or runningahead, there may be some runs that don't make it. Once all other functionality is completed, we'll revisit this.<br><br><br>
Shortly, you'll be able to download your kickrunners log - and UPLOAD IT.<br><br>
Watch the log for these new changes and keep posting bugs. Once we're completed, we'll draft a 'manual' for the log.<br><br><br>
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