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The next phase of the running log is being scheduled. We anticipate having this phase finished by the end of September.<br><br>
New Features:<br>
1. Multi-sport capability will include: Biking, Swimming, Cardio<br>
2. Garmin import capability - First phase will include basic data imports - future phases will include mapping<br>
3. Log Sharing - You'll be able to share your log with others<br>
4. Ad Placement - This phase will add banners in the running log area - You'll not see any of the ads whatsover.<br><br>
These new features will only be available to subscribers.<br><br>
You will also be part of the beta testing when we get to that stage. The beta testing will be done at our development site (not at<br><br>
Stay tuned for more news and updates on this<br><br><br>
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