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Running at High Altitude

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I have signed up for the <a href="" target="_blank">Steamboat Springs Marathon</a> ...June 1.......<br><br>
I will arrive a few days before....<br><br>
It starts at about 8500 ft...down to about 6800 ft.<br><br>
I have NEVER run in altitude....<br><br>
Any racing suggestions?<br><br>
How about anyone that has never trained in altitude...but raced there.....What was your experience?
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When I did the Tahoe marathon, one of the guys there said to start out slow and then tapper off. Should have listend. I was training at the same altitude as Milbot in the SLC area at the time. 6000ft seems to be a magic altitude number where there is the most significant difference in the amount of air available. Though I didn't seem to have problems breathing, I was more fatigued than I would have expected towards the last 3 miles of the race and became slightly delerious. Being at altitude for the duration and having 2 steep hill climbs at the end contributed to that. On the other hand the Jupiter peak steeple chase starts at about 5,000 to 10,000 ft for about 8 miles and then drops back down for the remaining 8 with no hill climb at the end, didn't wear me out like the Tahoe Marathon. Part of that could have been time on my feet and conditioning, as it didn't take near as long to complete the Jupitor Peak steeplechase.<br><br>
When I run around here, for some reason going from low altitude to high and then getting out quickly, I don't seem to notice altitude. I have read where it is a good idea if you are going to run at altitude and don't have a few weeks to aclimate that it is best to race as soon as you get there. I suppose my observations might bear that out.<br><br>
I did check out the link there and have been there, this is a beutiful route, I am kind of excited for you as this will be a wonderful race. I am setting here counting on my fingers to see if I have enough time to get ready for that. Good Luck, Larry
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