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Running a 3:00 marathon off of a 1:30 half

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OK - this will be a repeat to any of you who moved here from the CR mainstream racing forum, but since that seems to be in its final death throes as Active i figured i'd move this thread here........<br><br>
Background: male, 42, 150lbs (weight seems to be falling off as I up my mileage...), relatively new to running (started April 2006). achilles injury this summer from charging the big hils too much (3 months off, 2 months rebuilding). back running properly since October.<br><br>
I have finally gotten my half marathon time to just under 1:30 which was one of my 2007 goals (best in 2006 was 1:51!!)<br><br>
Next big stretch goal is to run a sub 3 marathon. (I ran a trainwreck marathon last year after 6 months of low/slow miles and crashed at 20 miles dragging my a$$ home in 4:10)<br><br>
I have 5 more months to train for my marathon (Edinburgh on May 25th).<br><br>
Currently training about 60MPW, I think I can get up to 75ish without things falling to pieces. Training plan is 4 weeks on, 1 week cutback. On weeks are 7 days for 65-75miles, cutback is 6 days and 45ish. I need to watch the short distance speedwork and big hills as I don't want to reinjure my achilles. Lots of longs runs (17-22 every week, with a lot of marathon pace miles/fast finishes in there).<br><br>
I am hoping to somehow pull off a 1:25 half in April and I have a couple 10k's and another half between now and then as fitness checks. I am hoping to eat a little time off during each of those. If I get to 1:25 then I can make a raceday decision on the marathon - either go for a relatively conservative 3:20 (boston for me) of go all out in search of the sub 3 (and risk an ugly crash and missing the BQ). Knowing me, unless conditions are bad, I will go for it and regret it big time 20 miles later.<br><br>
I seem to respond better to aggressive goals, but do you think sub 3 in May is too much of a stretch goal?<br><br>
- thanks, Alan
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my $.02:<br><br>
if you can get your half down to a ~ 1:25 and you're feeling great, then take a stab at sub 3:00<br><br>
I guess the other issue is your training runs - are your MP, tempo & V02max runs based on a 3:20 or a 3:00?
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