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rUnbeatable! March 14-21

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(reserving this thread for tomorrow)<br><br>
Its been a fun and riveting competition so far. Virtually every team is still in it and I think we're keeping each other on our toes as well as being kept on our toes... WHAT MORE COULD WE WANT?! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
Keep up the good work rUnbeatable! Its gonna be a long, but nonetheless fun and awesome way to New York... Let's get there first! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
We're gonna go to Amarillo, and then we're gonna go through Oklahoma, then Across the Mississippi, then to Michigan, then across the Great Lakes, to the Snowbelt.. and then .. we're gonna take the WHITE HOUSE!!! err.. NEW YORKK!!!!!!!!! BYYAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1<br><br><br>
'<br><img alt="s-telefrag.gif" src=""> - Marianne<br><img alt="sign17.gif" src=""> - Zack Zenko<br><br><img alt="fripper.gif" src=""> - Dave<br><img alt="DMAGE.gif" src="">- Aija<br><img alt="bonedemon.gif" src="">- Wyrillco<br><img alt="Whdatk.gif" src="">- Patrick<br><img alt="black_knight_standing.gif" src="">- Calliope<br><img alt="Whaxatk.gif" src=""> - Mrscoby<br><img alt="diablo_ani_fire.gif" src="">- Jim<br><img alt="surprised.gif" src="">gre: - Tricia<br><img alt="Thin5.gif" src="">- Ksrunr<br><img alt="TheArchLitchMalignus.gif" src="">- Theia<br><img alt="s-instagib.gif" src=""> - Diana<br><img alt="naka.gif" src="">- Better Than Yesterday<br><img alt="toothy2.gif" src=""> - Graysis<br><br><br>
Mileage with smileage ladies and gentlemen, and other.. Mileage with smileage....
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I didn't know you're leaving for that today. Good luck, represent! have fun!
good job theia, all<br><br>
I had one of the best workouts I've had in.. well, ever<br>
it was beautiful out, felt like it was hot enough to run with a shirt off<br>
1200, 800 - 3:56, 2:31<br>
1200, 800 - 3:55, 2:29<br>
1200, 800 - 3:58, 2:35<br><br>
welcome to anaerobia, 2:45 recovery between everything. added a 400 on just to round it out to 4 miles. 3 mile warm up, 3 mile cool down.. 10 for the day, I may do something later<br>
+ 20 minutes of stretching<br><br>
44 points on the day<br>
strong weekend coming up
hey diana, welcome back... did you find any secrets about the lefto pinko enemy? jk LSU_Fan_Tiff...<br><br><br>
did you log your points though? I mean, any running is good running.<br><br>
St Patrick's Day Parade today in my neighborhood, w00t<br><br>
planning on a big day, runningwise, too<br><br>
later folks
Hey Marianne.. could you post in the daily thread before you add any points at all, even if you plan on working out again later? That way it doesn't look too fishy.<br><br>
I'll delete your points now, and then you can add your entire days later.. unless you want me to. But keep up the good work! We just don't want anyone to think that we're fudging points...<br><br>
As for me:<br>
10 mile run - 40<br>
14 mile bike -(I didn't feel like doing 15 because that'd be a weird extra half point) - 21<br>
15 minutes of stretching/core/push ups.. 3 points<br>
64 points team rUnbeatable!!!<br><br><br>
I'm exhausted, but plan on a long run tomorrow.. I don't know if I'll quite match these points though
no. I just caught that though.. thanks for the heads up <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
I just looked at the standings.. granted, there are discrepancies in who enters what and when..<br><br>
But!!!!!!!!!!!!; We're doing awesome! Everyone's doing their best and we're clicking and "running" like a well lubricated machine. Let's keep this up guys and gals!<br><br><br><br><img alt="notworthy.gif" src="">
wow dave, very solid performance! glad you beat your goal <img alt="blush.gif" src="">
spin classes count = D<br><br>
go team go!
in lieu of ksrunr's words... I guess I'll post my points now<br><br>
I got woken up in the morning by my girlfriend's call, and couldn't fall back asleep. instead of running 15 miles in one shot, I did 2 sets of 7.5 a few hours apart.. slow pace, but I got the work in<br><br>
double tomorrow<br>
keep it up guys<br><br><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
15x4 = 60<br>
15 minute alt - 3 points<br>
2 miles of biking (before I decided to run instead) - 3 points<br><br>
is it 'typical' to reach 42 miles per hour while cross country skiing?
that's.. gross theia. but good job! <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src=""><br><br>
I dont know how you can sit down on a bike seat thing for 3 hours<br><br>
yea no problem young lady ; )
I believe its what they call a may-december romance<br><br><br><img alt="love4.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
alright. homework time. keep up the badassery guys!!
points are points and votes are votes. the only difference is... when all the points and votes are counted, the points actually matter<br><br><img alt="huh.gif" src="">
Alright ladies and Gents.. it has come to my attention that no one on this team has ever won VRAA before. Let's not have the luxury of making that statement next round. Let us make the other teams say "Shit, rUnbeatable came from no where to win.. a bunch of misfit shit heads put together whooped our asses!" Our strength is our consistency.<br><br>
I typically wouldn't feel the need to go 'ra! ra!' and do a ronald reagan-esque, patton-esque battle cry - but it has come to my attention that other teams are now saying "wow we're out on top!" ... some people take this lightly, others do not. I see this as a 31 day race. Even more taxing than the 24 hour relay of June, there were only 5 survivors then. This time, there will be 15.<br><br>
A few of our guys and gals haven't posted yet, and the other teams are skiing machines... but we have each other! We're incredibly good looking. This is America! Good looking people cannot fail! <img alt="icon_salut.gif" src=""><br><br>
With that said... I'm not forcing anyone to treat this lil VRAA with as much passion as I do. Afterall, the key word is Virtual. But.. a piece of internet-immortality would be nice, especially as I near graduation. This is Dave's last VRAA for a whille, and a few others as well. I'm not putting a gun to any of our heads, that wouldn't be too friendly. But I am saying that I've given it 90% thus far, now I'm going to give 120% (while keeping it smart and taking it easy, 'active rest' days have now entered my vocabulary). 120% every day.<br><br>
As Andrew Carlson said.. there's a 60% chance of rain, 100% chance of pain. And as the pharmaceutical companies said "Tylenol can cure the pain, but nothing can cure the regret." I'm not endorsing getting to the point where we need tylenol to run, that would be stupid and defeat the purpose of this little motivational exercise; but I am saying that I'm going to go the extra mile, and many more miles to follow. Mileage with Smileage.<br><br>
We've worked this hard guys. Its been a great ride thus far. If we chilled out now and remembered what we've done to this point - that would be fine. But that'd be the easy and painless thing to do. I tend to be a masochist.<br><br>
Finally, no one should feel obligated to give 120%, but I am (fuck, I have nothing better to do. school - run - eat - sleep - sex) Anyone else who wants to, I'm holding out my hand. Brick walls in the forms of other teams are only put in the way to show us how much we want what's on the other side. We'll smash through it together!<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
-that's my lil inspirational speech<br><br>
and in the immortal words that echo through Team rUnbeatable...<br><br>
go team! go!
agreed, the lefto pinko said it best ^^<br><br>
it's been said that badasses and BAIT are the backbones to a VRAA team<br><br>
it seems like the calliopes, patricks, cobys, tricias, dianas, wyrillcos, aijas, mariannes, and graysises of our team are the backbones to ours
you guys are awesome!!<br><br>
I ran 4 easy this morning and plan on doing 9-10 this afternoon with core and lifting. I'll post points later.. keep up the great work al!
Oh.. yea, and I ran 4 this morning - 16 points.. 10 minutes of stretch - 2 points<br>
18 points AM<br><br>
10 miles PM with Owen - 40 points + 4 pionts for 20 minutes of stretch - abs<br><br>
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