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rUnbeatable! March 14-21

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(reserving this thread for tomorrow)<br><br>
Its been a fun and riveting competition so far. Virtually every team is still in it and I think we're keeping each other on our toes as well as being kept on our toes... WHAT MORE COULD WE WANT?! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
Keep up the good work rUnbeatable! Its gonna be a long, but nonetheless fun and awesome way to New York... Let's get there first! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
We're gonna go to Amarillo, and then we're gonna go through Oklahoma, then Across the Mississippi, then to Michigan, then across the Great Lakes, to the Snowbelt.. and then .. we're gonna take the WHITE HOUSE!!! err.. NEW YORKK!!!!!!!!! BYYAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1<br><br><br>
'<br><img alt="s-telefrag.gif" src=""> - Marianne<br><img alt="sign17.gif" src=""> - Zack Zenko<br><br><img alt="fripper.gif" src=""> - Dave<br><img alt="DMAGE.gif" src="">- Aija<br><img alt="bonedemon.gif" src="">- Wyrillco<br><img alt="Whdatk.gif" src="">- Patrick<br><img alt="black_knight_standing.gif" src="">- Calliope<br><img alt="Whaxatk.gif" src=""> - Mrscoby<br><img alt="diablo_ani_fire.gif" src="">- Jim<br><img alt="surprised.gif" src="">gre: - Tricia<br><img alt="Thin5.gif" src="">- Ksrunr<br><img alt="TheArchLitchMalignus.gif" src="">- Theia<br><img alt="s-instagib.gif" src=""> - Diana<br><img alt="naka.gif" src="">- Better Than Yesterday<br><img alt="toothy2.gif" src=""> - Graysis<br><br><br>
Mileage with smileage ladies and gentlemen, and other.. Mileage with smileage....
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Awesome Possum team! Good luck at the doc's Theia.<br>
Lurve the team caricatures Zack.<br>
Good luck David.<br><br>
14.5 run miles so far today.<br>
The SUN was shining. It's ABOVE zero!<br>
The SNOW is melting.<br>
EXQUISITE day.<br>
So much for an easy pace.<br>
Will post points later after core and stuff.
Dear BTY,<br><br>
That is all.<br><br>
Question, if we fall behind in posting, do we put it all in one post on the day we report - or do we split it up according to the day we did the activity on and post on all days missed? Can someone let me know. . if you want my 100+ points, dawg. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Kay, Great - thanks!!<br><br>
swim 300 Ms = 3 pts<br>
5 run miles = 20 pts<br>
15 minutes stretch and core = 3 pts<br>
26 points<br><br>
Sunday (low pointage day - helping my kid with a HUGE project - sawry)<br>
3 run miles = 12 points<br>
12 points<br><br>
21 run miles = 84<br>
15 minutes stretch = 3pts<br>
87 points<br><br>
Total for S,S,M<br>
125 points<br>
Hope that's all accurate.
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Last night I was dreaming about reading our team thread<br>
(I know - slightly VRAA obsessed) and I was reviewing the weekly thread.<br>
At the end of one of your posts; your siggy read:<br><span style="font-family:'Arial Black';">Former Frequent Life Lesson and Roads Scholar.<br></span><br>
It was inspiring. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Oh yeah, I entered my 36 points for today over in the daily and on the data base.
Hi Tamster.<br>
Whatcha doin'?<br>
Spyin' on the winners?
ha ha ksrunr, I edited out the offer of chocolate cake to the sweet Tamster last night, since I thought it was a little overtly clear in intent. Now I see there is no shame in sweet treat trash talking!! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Hey Tamster <wafting Cinnabon smells your way><br><br>
Also I went out and ran a hard ten miles after a breakfast of oatmeal and brown rice. and am now going over to data central to enter my 40 points. heh heh
<span style="font-family:'Arial Black';">hey,</span> it doesn't smell like Cinnamon buns in here any more!!<br><br>
(((BTY))) and his sniffles.<br>
<Calling in the good dream gods and goddesses>
Theia, is it dark where you are?<br>
Or, is your avatar a black box on purpose?<br>
Way to go on your run!!!<br>
You too dianosaur!!<br><br>
Stopping here to update. . . .<br>
will file points later.<br><br>
Not much to report for yesterday - icky bug hit our house.<br>
so 3 points for core and stuff. . .<br><br>
3 mile warm up<br>
5 km race (3 miles)<br>
6.5 km to cool down and get the race junk out<br><br>
Total run miles 10.25 = 41 points<br>
15 mins stretch = 3 points<br>
.5 mile walk = 2 points<br>
bonus race points = 5 points<br><span style="font-family:'Arial Black';">Total= 51 points</span>
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