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Short version<br><br>
NEW PR 30.30 old was 44.30<br><br><br>
Long Version<br><br>
I ran this race last year as my first race. I had only finished the couch to 5k 2 weeks before this race. As you can see from my avatar i was hurting and that picture was about the 1.5 mile mark. Last year i was 286 pounds and finished in 44.30.<br>
This year i had a whole year of running experience to rely on. I am in the middle if a 3 week taper for my first HM and felt really good going into the race.<br>
So the alarm clcok goes off at 5 Am i get up eat 2 slices of rice bread toasted with butter and a <img alt="banana.gif" src="">. I woke up DW she said she wasn't going and fell back to sleep. So much for team support. When i started getting dressed i started to feel the nerves starting to build up. That funny feeling only lasted until i put my shorts on. I left the house and started to drive to the race site. As i hit the freeway the butterflies started to swarm in the belly. It lasted until i told myself that i had already run this race and this distance at least 200 times this year. As i pulled into the parking lot they were still setting up the finish line area , i was wondering if we were going to start on time. I sat in the car since it was still cold ( 45 degrees ) outside until there was about 45 minutes to go. I visited with everyones favorite friends Mr and Mrs Porta Potty. I walked through the little expo they had set up. Nothing to see there. So i walked back to the car and sat down for about 10 minutes and then took off the sweats to reveal my running gear. I had on the black Addidas Formotion shorts and the HM groups running shirt. The shirt is just a white tech with the logo of the coach's company and on the back it has the running stores name. I was able to get to the starting line for the HM with about 1 minute to spare. I was thinkng next year i will be doing this race. After the HM is started they move everyone down the road to the start of the 5k.<br>
I made one more stop at the porta potties on the way to the start.<img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br>
As i get to the start of the 5k i noticed that instead of starting at the bottom of the hill like last year, we are starting on top of the hill. This means we will be running downhill to start this off. I was happy with this as gravity still loves to pull my fat butt down the hill really fast. I also learned that if its cold and you get in the middle of the pack it warms you up really fast as everyone around you blocks the wind from you.<img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br>
So the count down starts 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GO!!!!. There is an immediate right before going down the hill. As soon as i make the turn the lady with the little weiner dog is in my way and the weiner dogs leash breaks and i had to swerve to miss it. She should have read the notice that said strollers and dogs are welcome but please start in the back of the pack. Anyways it turns out pretty good for me. To avoid the dog i had to go to the right side of the road which put me on a clear and open shoulder. With nothing but open road in front of me gravity started doing its thing and i was running down the hill. Passing all the people i had already told myself i was going to beat. I was feeling good i had GnR Nighttrain playing on the ipod. A pretty open road and i was feeling good. I hit the first hill at the .75 mile mark and felt good going right up it. Last year it kicked my butt. I was thinking yep the training is paying off. I hit the 1 mile mark and took the earbud out to hear the time of 9.54 I say thank you to the volunteer and then start saying to myself no way i just ran a sub 10 minute mile. The next mile is all uphill but it isnt that bad. I was approaching the 1.5 mile mark where they were taking pictures at last year and i started to think about what i was gonna do for my picture.No picture guy, ok back to running. As i am approaching the top of the hill and another clydesdale is passing me. I thought there is no way i am being passed by another fat runner. Inside my body somewhere something started to scream at me to check your form dummy!! I was like check my form ok why not. I realized i wasn't picking up my feet. Ok pick up feet and i can feel the pace increase and then i retake the lead for the battle in the battle of the clydesdales. There was a water station at the next intersection i grabbed 1 cup and downed it in one swallow and tossed the cup into the trash bag. As soon as the cup hit the bag i made the final turn and once again i was running down hill. I knew from running this last year what to expect and had planned to pick it up from here on out. I started to pass some kids that were running 3 abreast. I thought if i just trip one i may cause a domino effect and all 3 will get out of my way. I guess they heard me huffing and puffing and made a hole. I pass a father and son running together. The dad is encouraging the son to keep pushing you are almost there and its all downhill. I am now cruising i am feeling good the breathing is fine the form is fine. Then the course changes from last years. Hey WTF i am thinking. No more aspahlt to run on we are on a nasty concrete sidewalk. My knees don't like concrete. About that time American girl is playing on the ipod i am starting to tire.Wait theres a runwalker i have to pass him. So i dig down deeper. I get pass him and i am thinking i am spent i went out to fast.There is no way i can hit my goal at the same time i am thinking this Tom is singing "god its so painful that something so close is still so far out of reach". I resolve to be happy with whatever time i can get. The clydesdale from earlier passes me again and it pisses me off.The voice is yelling CHECK YOUR FORM DUMMY CHECK YOUR FORM!! Once again i need to pick up my feet. I make the adjustment and pass the clydesdale for the final time and i see the 3mile marker and notice there are about 10 runners in front of me i could possibly overtake if i just RUN BABY RUN!!! 1st one goes down in flames followed by 2,3,4,5,6 the volunterr is screaming out 29 minutes i am like no way i still have a shot. The finish chute is on the other side of a traffic circle so you have to run around the circle.I do a Dale Earnhart and take the outside lane there goes 7, 8, 9 and 10 on my left side as i go by them. I can hear the announcer the weatherman said it would rain today and the big guy is bringing the thunder. I finish and see 30.30!!<br><br>
A new PR by 14 minutes i think the actual time my even be 30.20<br><br><br>
Last year i was 286 this year 252<br>
Last year 44.30 this year 30.30<img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src="">:bana na:<img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><img alt="banana.gif" src="">
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