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MCSolar posted in Masters that rumor has it moderators can read PM's.<br>
I told him that I couldn't but that I would ask here. I certainly hope he is wrong. He said he read it in another forum, didn't say where.<br><br>
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Hi Hally.<br><br>
But there is absolutely NO truth to it. Rich actually researched this BEFORE purchasing this software for the forum. That feature was one of the biggest selling points for him.<br><br>
NO ONE, that means NO ONE, can read pm's but the person who wrote it, or the person that it was sent to.<br><br>
This question was raised because of a recent issue with a user. There will be more discussion here in the near future regarding how to handle similar situations that might come up in the future.<br><br>
But again. NO ONE can read pm's, but the person who wrote them and the person they are sent to.<br><br>
Hope this clears it up. If the person has any further questions, have them pm me and I will try and reassure them as much as I can.<br><br>
Hope this helps.<br><br>
Issues that go on are generally kept between the mods of the forum the issue is occurring in, rich and myself. So, in this case, you would not have heard about it.<br><br>
There has not been a discussion about it, but there are going to be some other discussions here in the near future relating to recent issues. Stay tuned! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
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