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Who shall we pick on first?

  • Oakdawg

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • mrscoby78

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • Anty

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • coachie

    Votes: 3 13.0%

Round one for the Pickathon

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Who's it going to be first?<br><br>
Wait for it....
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I'm stickin' with Anty. 200+ pounds of twisted railroad steel.
All right Antys gainin'! I love the taste of warm stale Bud Light in the mornin'!
What do you mean Oakdawgs the Its all tied up.<br><br>
Anty! Anty! Anty!
Woohoo! The big guy's breaking away.
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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