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Who shall we pick on first?

  • Oakdawg

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • mrscoby78

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • Anty

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • coachie

    Votes: 3 13.0%

Round one for the Pickathon

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Who's it going to be first?<br><br>
Wait for it....
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Here they come ladies and gentleman. It's Anty followed by Oakdawg. Scooby and Coachie bringing up the rear. Comin' around the last turn it's Oakdawg! Oakdawg and Anty. Anty's comin' up fast. It's Anty! Anty pulls away! Anty wins by a nose!!! And collapses.
<img alt="angry5.gif" src="">
1 - 6 of 52 Posts
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