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Rosie Update

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I took her to the vet this evening. I had noticed some discharge from her vaginal area the last couple of days, but I was not too concerned. I figured it was a yeast infection or something. I just wanted to get her shots and get her checked for worms.<br><br>
Well, she has Pyometra (a pus filled uterus) and needs to be spayed immediately. She is on antibiotics for now. She has an appointment for surgery Friday morning, but I'm worried sick until then. It could rupture... I called a hasher friend who is a vet, but his staff had left for the night and he is not going to be around tomorrow or he would have taken her tonight.<br><br>
I'm worried sick about my baby.
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Poor little sweetie!!! Hugs from Phinny and Oliver too.......they don't have uteri so she's not contagious <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br>
That's the one risk you take with strays, they get exposed to all sorts of icky things out there that your average housecat won't. Hopefully this is all she needs to get back on her feet. Do you have to give it to her via syringe? I did that with Phinny, and I found if I wrapped him in a blanket it soothed him and he didn't fight me at all.
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