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rosacea, random facial hairs, and a flippy hairdo...

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or, how it is i'm the most beautiful woman in the world...<br><br>
good god. i just need another bout of pimple bottom, and mr. poo will be undone.<br><br>
where's clb? i need her to tell me this is only the beginning of the end...
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<br> have decided to give us other mortals a fighting chance?<br><br><img alt="wink.gif" src="">
I went to get my first facial ever last week, and she had to cut the steam out b/c she said I had early stages of Rosacea. The steam was my favorite part. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
My mom has used that Rx stuff too (Finacea?) and it did the same (red/itchy/etc.). Her Rosacea isn't bad either, just some redness and a few blood vessels, not the acne.<br><br>
And, fwiw, she's it knows no cultural boundaries. <img alt="razz.gif" src="">
Oh...will they have to amputate your malignant moley legs?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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