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Hi all,<br><br>
Since this seems to be the place to talk about running gear, I figured I'd share a positive experience I had this winter.<br><br>
In November I bought myself 2 pairs of Stormsocks from I had always suffered with cold feet in the winter, even when wearing two pairs of socks (sometimes even when I wore 3 pairs of socks).<br><br>
I tried the storm socks thinking they might help to keep my feet drier and warmer this winter. I have to say I've had very good luck with them. My feet have not been cold this winter, unless I did something very stupid, like ran through a deep puddle and got everything soaked. If I avoided the puddles, I've had warm feet. I've had several runs this winter where I've gone 15+ miles in cold weather (teens or colder), and had no problems with cold feet.<br><br>
I normally wear a thin pair of socks with a thicker pair of socks over them, and then the storm socks on top of both. It has worked great for me.<br><br>
They aren't cheap ($22 a pair if I remember right), but they have been worth it to me.<br><br>
Anyway wanted to share my positive experience with the product so that some of you might be able to benefit from it. <img alt="icon_bigsmurf.gif" src="">
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