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RM's & RD's Accntblty Thrd Mar. 3rd-Mar.9th

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It's a new week!!! How is everyone doing????? This week has been a challenge and getting on the scale is going to SUCK! I need some accountability! Nicole where are you??? LOL. Okay here's to a new week. Take Care and have a good week. So what is your weight loss this week????
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You have done very well on your weight loss this year Moni!! Great job. Thanks for being an inspiration.
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WAY TO GO NICOLE!!!! You are awesome!! You are doing so well. Soon you will be lifetime!!!! If you were still doing WW it would be free!! LOL!! Keep up the good work. It looks good on you!
In the best Napoleon Dynamite voice I can summon:<br>
You did great Moni. So happy for you.
Ok well that damn 5 pounds I lost 2 weeks ago found it's way back to my thighs. Dang it!! So back on track once again I go. That's the story of my life. Some day I will get it!!<br><br>
Running dad- Great job on the loss!! You did great!<br>
Batmomm: Yippee!!! Your new diet seems to be working out for you. Do you think cutting out meat helped too? You ate all veggie all week and then a meat dish right?<br>
JB: AWESOME! Way to go, no worries about the pie. It will come off in no time at all.<br><br>
Andi: We are here for you. We can help you brainstorm and get back on track. You can do it, I am have full confidence in you.
Batmomm: That is crazy about your Pre-AF visit! You are a select few to have that happen to! Thats cool you are able to be so detail oriented about entering into DP. I have a really hard time with that. Plus, my down fall is dinners. I tend to "guess" about calories/points etc and that is just an easy chance for me to over eat. Another thing that I am learning about myself is once I become disciplined in one area of my life another area goes to hell. DH and I are going through a complete overhaul of our finances since becoming self employed we have been consumed with money management etc. It's like all my discipline has gone towards that and nothing left for my diet. Now I need to learn balance. Sheesh one more thing to manage!
I heart frosted mini wheats. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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