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RM's & RD's Accntblty Thrd Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd.

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New week!! Hopefully, I will remember to weigh in on Tuesday. I hope I actually lost for pete's sake.<br><br>
Hey JB- I missed the Tortilla Soup recipe. Can you send me a link? I would love to have it. All it does is rain here in California and soup sounds good.<br><br>
Okay, everyone we have almost been doing this for a month. Thanks for the inspiration.<br><br>
Happy Running!
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I haven't been entering my calories burned for PT in dailyplate. If I do them all, it takes me a good hour and I am pretty tired when I'm done. Def not cardio, but I must be burning at least 200 to 300 calories over the hour I would think.<br><br>
Well January is going out like lion. Storm is expected to bring snow tomorrow which will be great since we are taking the girls and their friends snow tubing on Saturday. I started the month at 212 after all the holiday indulgences. I end the month at 204. I am making good progress toward my goal weight of 195. Assuming I have no relapse, I should be close by end of Feb or Mid-March. Calf and hip flexor are feeling stronger. I am not sure of my mileage but I am def over 100 for January. Hope everyone is doing well today.<br><br>
In terms of dailyplate, it does seem high on what is says you can have. I try to come in about 500 cals or so under what they say I can have and I am losing at about the rate I had planned on, maybe a little more.
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I went to DailyPlate and adjusted my activity level like Andi suggested. It is a HUGE difference. I put the amount of excercise, meaning, how active I am before running that changed the calories drastically. If I remember correctly it is at 1591 a day or something like that. Andi also suggested adding 100 calories for every mile you run to that total and you should arrive at what your suggested caloric intake should be. I am going to aim on running days to be around 1800 and non-running days 1500. Last night I was 604 over!!! What a eye opener!!!<br><br>
I also heard 40/30/30 ratio. Kinds of makes sense I guess. What is everyone's plans for Superbowl eating?
Reporting late because of the move... No loss or gain for me this week... Maybe next week will be better..
Mileage for January a respectable 135 and change.
way too much snacking at midnight last night. Of course I had to test the ribs worries, it appears minimal damage to forward progress.
Stupid Amish friendship bread.....that's all I have to say.
That mix for the bread you made was sitting on my counter about 12 years ago....
I don't even really like it but I've had it for breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, shouldn't be called friendship bread because the stuff is evil and loaded with sugar.
Jen that's why it's FRIENDSHIP bread, so friends can share the sugar! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I was doing well until we went to Target after work and I bought a can of Barbeque Potato Chips. I haven't had them since the Maintain Campaign started in November. I ate the whole can. It was good. I just entered it into the dailyplate. OMGosh! Way too many calories! On a good note, I weighed myself today since it's the first day of the month. I made my goal for January (-5 lbs). Yay!!!! Goal for Feb, lose another 5 pounds.
CHO: <img alt="banana.gif" src=""> Congratulations!!!! 5 down this month. That is awesome. Way to go!!!!<br><br>
Jen: We we had the amish bread in our house we would add chocolate chips to the batter and it was stinkin' yummy. I agree that stuff is yummy.<br><br>
Well I am not sure what will happen today. I think it is going to be a eating disaster!!<br><br>
Menu for Super Bowl:<br><br>
Jalapeno Poppers, Mozarella sticks, clam dip, crackers, chips, cheese dip, tortilla chips, Guacamole, cheese tray<br><br>
Main Course: Ribs, spanish macaroni and salad<br><br>
Dessert: Brownies & Cookies.<br><br>
I guess at this point it is just going to be portion control. Oh boy.
After today, I don't even want to get on a scale. We host the Superbowl party every year. Man, we had ribs, burgers, inside out burgers, little smokies, brisket, potaoe salad, collards, and I made a veggie tray with ranch party dip. All the carrots were gone, but the celery, tomatoes, and broccoli are left. Needless to say, my coworkers are gonna finish this stuff off.
Cho LOL!!! I am so with you. I don't know what I ate!!! LOL. Now I am having a glass of wine. Might as well end it well!!!<br><br>
Here is the upside: Tomorrow is Monday, a new week!
Well I ate nothing but garbage this weekend with the birthday party and the superbowl. Amazingly, thanks mostly to yesterday's nearly 3 hour 13.2 miler, I managed to stay down at 204.2 for this morning. There are still cakes in the fridge....that could spell trouble this week...
Take cakes to work and see how fast they disappear. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Well...I guess you could say I got lucky. BabyC had a fever from his shots last week and we just stayed in by our lonesome and didn't do any Super Bowl cooking or eating. We did watch the game though. Anyway, that helped with the diet for sure!<br><br>
CHO~~ What are inside-out burgers?? Sounds yummy!
Not sure if any of you guys like split pea or black bean soup, but the Dr. McDougal's instant cup soups in the health food aisle are really good and have a lot of fiber. Bit high on the sodium but I pick up a few to break up the monotony of salads all week.
DH calls them that because he put the cheese (guyere (sp?)) inside the hamburgers. He makes his burgers w/almost 1/4lb of meat so it's not hard to do. I didn't have any of those. Where I lost it was the cheese and queso. Haven't had it in sooooo long. It was delicious. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> I hope the scale is friendly tomorrow, especially since I'm making a really good effort at being good today.
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