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RM's & RD's Accntblty Thrd Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd.

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New week!! Hopefully, I will remember to weigh in on Tuesday. I hope I actually lost for pete's sake.<br><br>
Hey JB- I missed the Tortilla Soup recipe. Can you send me a link? I would love to have it. All it does is rain here in California and soup sounds good.<br><br>
Okay, everyone we have almost been doing this for a month. Thanks for the inspiration.<br><br>
Happy Running!
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<a href="" target="_blank">Here</a> it is. Made it yesterday. Watch those tortilla strips in the oven. I burnt the first round yesterday. And be careful with blending the soup. My new blender top wants to fly off when I start it up if there's too much in there. Some kind of heated air effect or something. I had a pretty good day Sunday to offset Saturday and had a great MAF run around 11:50 pace.
egg whites, now there's a tasty breakfast.<br><br>
I refuse to give up yolks. I have prob 6 to 8 eggs a month at most.
Lee, dailyplate is really keeping me honest. Amazing how those calories in drinks add up. Once you do it for a week or so, all the stuff you eat regularly is right there memorized for you and easy to track. Plus they already have all the info for most store brands and many nation-wide restaurant chains. I am down another 1.6 for this week. I am now 4 pounds away from 200. I have not seen the underside of that number in probably 15 years.
Yeah, its cool. I'm on target and ahead of schedule. I was shooting for 195 by June 1. Assuming I stay on track, I should make that my April.
I am shooting for 195. If I get there early, I may shoot for more, but that is my short term goal.<br><br>
bodyfat is 18 - 19% depending on the day. After the holidays it was 20 - 21 so I'm seeing some improvement there too. I think the PT is helping in that department.
I found it really easy actually. you just put in a search, find your item, select it, click to add it to your plate for the day and then enter then edit the quantity and/or meal time if you want. No gold membership here. It gives me what I want for now. I made my info public if you want to check it out. jbrinda1
I thought someone once said 40/40 /20. Honestly I don't know. I generally seem to be high on the carbs. And my fat is not always under 20%.<br><br>
My planner on there says to lose 1.5 a week I should take in 2700. I know if I did that I would just maintain or maybe even gain. I've been averaging a net of somewhere in the low 2000s. This week I have been under 2000 most days but on weekends my gross is sometimes as high as 3500 to 4000. Yeah, I pack it in on Friday and Saturday but my long runs bring the net down to respectable numbers.
Great Harvest Turkey panini with pesto and provolone. Can't possibly be good. Need to run that off tonight....
This week has sucked. I didn't get to do my work food shopping so I now have almost nothing left here. I am down to one clif bar. All my fruit and veg and salad stuff is vanquished. I need to replenish to stay on the straight and narrow. I do have some V* Fusion left. That stuff is not bad really.
I haven't been entering my calories burned for PT in dailyplate. If I do them all, it takes me a good hour and I am pretty tired when I'm done. Def not cardio, but I must be burning at least 200 to 300 calories over the hour I would think.<br><br>
Well January is going out like lion. Storm is expected to bring snow tomorrow which will be great since we are taking the girls and their friends snow tubing on Saturday. I started the month at 212 after all the holiday indulgences. I end the month at 204. I am making good progress toward my goal weight of 195. Assuming I have no relapse, I should be close by end of Feb or Mid-March. Calf and hip flexor are feeling stronger. I am not sure of my mileage but I am def over 100 for January. Hope everyone is doing well today.<br><br>
In terms of dailyplate, it does seem high on what is says you can have. I try to come in about 500 cals or so under what they say I can have and I am losing at about the rate I had planned on, maybe a little more.
Mileage for January a respectable 135 and change.
way too much snacking at midnight last night. Of course I had to test the ribs worries, it appears minimal damage to forward progress.
That mix for the bread you made was sitting on my counter about 12 years ago....
Well I ate nothing but garbage this weekend with the birthday party and the superbowl. Amazingly, thanks mostly to yesterday's nearly 3 hour 13.2 miler, I managed to stay down at 204.2 for this morning. There are still cakes in the fridge....that could spell trouble this week...
Not sure if any of you guys like split pea or black bean soup, but the Dr. McDougal's instant cup soups in the health food aisle are really good and have a lot of fiber. Bit high on the sodium but I pick up a few to break up the monotony of salads all week.
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