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RM's & RD's Accntblty Thrd Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd.

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New week!! Hopefully, I will remember to weigh in on Tuesday. I hope I actually lost for pete's sake.<br><br>
Hey JB- I missed the Tortilla Soup recipe. Can you send me a link? I would love to have it. All it does is rain here in California and soup sounds good.<br><br>
Okay, everyone we have almost been doing this for a month. Thanks for the inspiration.<br><br>
Happy Running!
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Down 1/2 lb this week. I'll take it. Slowly but surely I'll get there.
I have also heard 40/30/30, but I'm pretty sure for runners the carbs should be higher...probably more in the range of 50/30/20. I used FitDay before, but with all of you talking about it I checked out daily plate and I like it WAY better...super user friendly! They had everything I ate right off the bat...I didn't have to search and search. Good stuff!
Yum!! That sounds delicious!! Once in a while won't hurt're so disciplined the majority of the time.
I didn't shop this week either...I've been eating leftover lentils and ff cottage cheese for lunch. It's not pretty to look at, but it fills me up and is fairly healthy. I keep meaning to try that V8 Fusion....are there different flavors?
Well...I guess you could say I got lucky. BabyC had a fever from his shots last week and we just stayed in by our lonesome and didn't do any Super Bowl cooking or eating. We did watch the game though. Anyway, that helped with the diet for sure!<br><br>
CHO~~ What are inside-out burgers?? Sounds yummy!
1 - 5 of 62 Posts
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