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RM's&RD's Accntblty Thrd- Feb. 4th-10th

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Happy Monday!!!<br><br>
How did everyone do last week?? The scale will reveal for me tomorrow and I am dreading it!! I am back on track today. My only huge obstacle is that I leave for Seattle on Thursday. YIKES!!!!! That will probably be a diet killer right there!<br><br>
Take care and have a great week!
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Andi - that has happened to me before. Don't use this week as a basis for anything. What happens when you are sick is that afterwards, your body is SO STARVED for nutrients, it will hang on to EVERYTHING. Give your body a chance to adjust. You are GORGEOUS weather you are up 3 lbs or down 3 lbs!
OK. I am with you guys on the scales being screwy. My weight has been ALL over the place!! I am down 2 lbs from last week which makes NO SENSE at all. I ate TOTAL CRAP last week and had a cut back week for running. The magnetic pull of the earth's poles must off or something is wrong w/ the orbit of the moon. All I know is that I REALLY need to eat HEALTHIER and SOON. OK. Off to throw away all of the crap food in this house.....
I just have to share this w/ you guys b/c it is so weird.<br><br>
Week 1 = 168.5<br>
Week 2 = 162.5<br>
Week 3 = 163.5<br>
Week 4 = 162<br>
Week 5 = 165<br>
Week 6 = 163<br><br>
Seriously - is that amount of fluctuation normal? I really am starting to question my scale.....
My clothes honestly don't feel any different. After I dropped that initial 6lbs I felt a difference but the fluctuation of 3 lbs since hasn't seemed to effect me. Somedays feel more "flabby" than others, but I think a lot of that may be my imagination. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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