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RM's&RD's Accntblty Thrd- Feb. 4th-10th

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Happy Monday!!!<br><br>
How did everyone do last week?? The scale will reveal for me tomorrow and I am dreading it!! I am back on track today. My only huge obstacle is that I leave for Seattle on Thursday. YIKES!!!!! That will probably be a diet killer right there!<br><br>
Take care and have a great week!
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All good today so far, but a bit ahead on calories of where I normally am for this part of the day. I was hungry after doing my PT so I ate a Clif bar. Damn, I love those things.
I buy them by the dozen. My gorcery store sells them for $10.99.<br>
Blueberry crisp and Chocolate ALmond Fudge are my favorites.
It wasn't pretty. A weekend of junk left me at 1.4 over last week. My first setback, The giant slice of birthday cake and scoop of ice cream at midnight last night did not help matters. I probably could have come in at the same weight as last week without it. Just extra incentive to have a good week.
I caved and ate two mini reese cups from the giant candy bowl down the hall. Damn that candy! I hadn't touched that thing all of January. Hey tomorrow starts Lent.
Chosh, don't bang yourself up about it. Get back on the horse tomorrow.
dp is definitely a good monitor for me. I know if I go over 2000, the scale numbers will be up the next day.
I didn't, but I had calories to spare <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
did I have to have popcorn, pistachios AND some m&ms....ok only a few m&Ms but still....
Despite my indulgences yesterday, the scale was good to me.
I should be in the negative net cals today after today's 3500 cals bruned running
1 - 10 of 59 Posts
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