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RM's&RD's Accntblty Thrd- Feb. 4th-10th

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Happy Monday!!!<br><br>
How did everyone do last week?? The scale will reveal for me tomorrow and I am dreading it!! I am back on track today. My only huge obstacle is that I leave for Seattle on Thursday. YIKES!!!!! That will probably be a diet killer right there!<br><br>
Take care and have a great week!
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Batmomm - That is my fear too (without the MIL). <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I almost forgot to post... I'm down 3pounds this week. I gained 2 over the weekend, but I'm sure with proper eating for the rest of the week, I'll lose it again. Hopefully, I'll be able to record another 3 pound loss next week. My goal for Feb. is -5. Let's see if I can do it. If I do it, I should notice a difference in my jeans. What's really good is there are no major eating holidays or birthdays for me this month. We'll see... <img alt="rolleyes.gif" src="">
Today's meals include fiber one, activia yougurt, whole grain wheat bread, oj, for breakfas. For lunch I had salad (must have everyday), tuna, whole grain wheat bread, and baby carrots (for mindless snacking). Haven't decided what dinner will be yet. I read something on one of the threads about skim milk. Might have to incorporate that into my diet.
After stopping at Target to buy a couple of pairs of jeans for DD, I ended up buying a little pack of peanut m&m's 'cause it was time for my protein shake and I wasn't home yet. They were gooooood. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> I just entered them in the daily plate and I don't think I will be having them again for a very long time! They increased my fat intake for the day significantly! How rotten is that?! I also had one almond hershey kiss. That thing was 25 calories! A starburst is only 10 cals. I wonder what this will do to my weight in the morning when I weigh myself.
Monika - Now that IS will power! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I only use real butter. I do not use any of the other stuff. That said, I don't use it much. I cook w/it, use it on bread, but not often.
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