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RMADs monday 7/18

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<p>Hey!  Where are you Sudsy?  </p>
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<p>Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I took yesterday off and today I went to bootcamp.  Class was outside in the yard at the gym and all we had was a dumbell and a towel and we got a great workout.  My arms will be sore tomorrow!  No run yet but I might do a quick one on the TM later. </p>
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<p>Andi - sounds like you had a good canoe trip and workout at the same time :)  Are your feet OK?  good job on the 16.</p>
<p>Ron - hope your back is OK!</p>
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<p>Hi Sisu! Sounds like you've recovered from your "hell run"! Sounds like heat stroke was setting in, glad you're doing ok!</p>
<p>Andi, sounds like you guys had a fun time and a great workout!</p>
<p>Ron, I saw that you tweaked your back, hope it's doing better.</p>
<p>Fer, must have been a busy weekend for you, hope you're all recovered.</p>
<p>My weekend was great, Saturday night went well and I spent most of the night playing with the band. Had a great time!</p>
<p>Back to work today but I'll be going back to Baltimore in a few weeks to move DD into her new apartment. This time I'll be able to rent a Uhaul truck for a one way ride and fly back. I don't want another 10 hour drive, that messed up my leg big time and I'm still hurting.</p>
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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