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RMADs Friday 6/17

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<p>Hey everyone!</p>
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<p>Last full day of school for my kids!  I plan to run this morning after I get the kids off to school and then the rest of the day is full of end of year school stuff.  Hope everyone has a great day!</p>
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<p>TGIF! <br><br>
no running for me, didnt get arse up early enough before dh adn ds1 had to go to work.  DS2 will be coming home from a sleepover soon so hopefully I can get out sometime today!<br><br>
Suds..sounds like a busy fun wkend!! good luck getting that 12 in!! I know you will though!<br>
Andi...I didnt know you worked parttime!  Good for you!! Hope the firdge gets fixed today!!<br>
LB...hope you get that run in today!! It is hard when you have little ones still waking up at night!! Good job to you for getting out there and doing it though!! Its not easy!!</p>
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<p>ds3 & I are off to a kids fest today for a few hours, and if the weather cooperates having a few friends over for a bonfire this evening.  I have talked about a dear family friend on here occassionally the last couple yrs that is fighting an aggressive form of cancer.  The latest news is not good and she is home right now for a vacation,&  we are going to visit her today as well.  I am so happy we have this chance to see her and spend some time with her but it is difficult as well. It is going to be hard. I feel selfish for feeling this way, she has been thru hell the last couple yrs, and I cant wait to give her a big hug in person. so many mixed emotions right now for all her family and friends.  say a prayer for her if you could.</p>
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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